Pz-avatarby Samuel Conine30 Jun 2020

The ethereal flame of our youth
Vanquished by your inability to
Remain steadfast in me
A match to a map
The map of my heart
Lights ablaze passions previously
Content with this recent saturation of
leaving my mind without
Rewarding my heart with
It is in this flame that my heart
Was forged and mended
Taking me from one who would
Bow to anyone into a boy who would
Stand against anyone
My heart became my burden
Fighting my flesh and nature
To forgive and forget
But my willpower transcends my
Intense desire to bow once again
My back is arched
By the transgressions of my peers
Subjected to the torment of those
Who once were alliances
But the fire inside me will not waver
For I was forged in that fire