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This poem is from a mother heart who loss a child she always wanted.

The loss of a child

Pz-avatarby Sandra Phillips17 Sep 2019

In the darkest night I pray for you
In the deepest ocean I waited for you
In the sweetest dream I saw you
In the sweetest touch I felt you
My child, my love, my child, my love.

You were here for just a moment and like the wind you were gone,
Gone like the wind, gone like the sun, gone like the rain on a rainy day
You left me here without a word to say
Oh, my child, my love, my child, my love.

You are my love, my child, yes, my love
Just like the red roses you bloom so sweetly
You were so bright as the sun shining your light so brightly
Oh, my child, oh my love why has God taken your life from me
An angel that grace this world for just a few moment,
Just a minute, just a second and like a dove you flew away from me,
My child, oh my love, yes my child and oh my love.

I will never forget you my child, oh my love
Your happy smile with that deep dimple
Your sweet small Body that I had long to hold
Your head full of hair
Your eyes bright like the star that shines in the sky
Oh Lord thanks for the angel you send to me for just a moment,
Just a minute, just a second thank you, Lord for your angel who was,
My Child, my love, oh you are love my child, my love.