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Your heart cries to you not to be troubled for its not made to be troubled since it is one of the major aspect to decide what is it to you your life is.
This is to all humanity out their in the world.

My Heart

Pz-avatarby Sudheer10 Jan 2018

Oh my heart! do not be troubled,
For you are made not to be troubled.

Though there is distress above distress,
And your beloved loved one oppress.

Though you be robbed by robbers,
And the sky above you slumbers.

Though you forsake by your family,
And your enemies vengeance ultimately.

Though there is a deadly famine,
And floods over you swepts you in.

A deadly epidemic may stumbles you,
But do not allow fear engulfs you.

Because, my heart is not to be troubled,
For you are my life and from you I blended.

©Sudheer Pandalapati