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This poem arose out of fond memories I have of watching Monkey the TV show in the 1980's. We never played comic book characters, but instead acted out the stories of a 16th century Chinese epic without knowing. For international readers, the chip shop owner is a reference to Pauline Hanson, and card playing to the racism that was vocalized at the time and has been encouraged ever since.

The King

4fb6320ff0e5e6ee10bd5840afdbc266by Sean Wright15 Jul 2014

Sun Wukong
was my first

No journalist jesus
with his undies
on the outside.

No dark defender
of the city's
status quo.

It was . . .

philosophy lite
on a weekday

a broomstick
to a seventies
pop tune.

His journey
to the west
gave us cloud surfing
and Buddhism

...before Tenzin.

He was a larrikin
in yellow skin

before chip shop
owners and
card playing
brought us to hating
those like

It didn't matter
back then;
the colour of his skin.

He was irrepressible,
the King.

Note: First published in Tincture Journal #5 March 2014.