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In Australia both major political parties like to imprison asylum seekers in concentration camps, offshore and out of sight. But I have a particular dislike for the fascist leanings of our current conservatives. I am a fan of Auden's work and after reading his Refugee Blues didn't think he'd mind his famous Funeral Blues being used as a model for the following poem.

The Morrison Blues (Stop all the Boats)

4fb6320ff0e5e6ee10bd5840afdbc266by Sean Wright18 Jan 2014

(with deepest apologies to WH Auden)

Stop all the boats, scream it from a megaphone,
Prevent the press asking, and with pious tone
Repeat the lie that they are illegal scum
"It's us who'll decide who to this country comes"

With aeroplanes a-circling overhead
Directing search ships to newly drowning dead,
Wring your hands and claim tough love,
Will stop them running from booted thugs.

Incursions to our borders, North and West
To safeguard operations are suppressed.
And simple minded folk are strung along
They do not question why it's wrong.

They are not wanted here: imprison every one
Leave new mothers to the mercy of the sun.
Lock up your conscience, wash your hands of blood.
Convince yourself you did it for our own good.