six hours

39944276-0c53-4486-8c88-5dcbca75e708by Jessica Hopkins03 Feb 2018

(All this time
and it was

Lack of passion?
Lack of purpose?
--- boredom?)

Life is not reflected in the words of celebrities,
the chemistry between actors in interviews,
the color of Cate Blanchett’s new dress.

Life is not forever changing, filled
with heat and precisely choreographed fight
sequences, perfectly sung duets to ‘City of Stars’.

Life is Laundry. Shedding and reshedding of skin.
Daily routines. Feeling your body deteriorate
as your back bends against your soft mishapen pillows
-- because you have not moved for six hours.

Six hours?

you are a waste of space
of resources
of hope and of effort
of your mother’s strength
and your father’s resilience

why is it so hard to change that?