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I have spent hours upon hours upon hours reading and re-reading Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar" for my Extended Essay (IB things). This poem plays on how I identified parts of myself in Esther Greenwood. This character feels debilitated by her own inability to choose the 'right' path in life - the future is overwhelming, looming over her like a shadow, every moment of every day. But more than this, my poems concerning this novel are meant to express that dull ache that an individual feels when a glass wall descends between themselves and the rest of the world. We so easily take for granted the emotional connection we feel to the outside world, to the people around us. Losing that feeling makes you lose identity, and purpose - it makes you mute, voiceless. I have felt this myself, but I always bounce back, eventually. That a person would have to experience this everyday, is a horrifying notion.

The image of a fig-tree is a direct reference to a central metaphor within the novel. The words "Still and empty" are a direct quote.


39944276-0c53-4486-8c88-5dcbca75e708by Jessica Hopkins03 Feb 2018


unable to see -
feel ---

--- connected.

"Still and empty"
under the godforsaken fig-tree.