a happy poem (i think)

39944276-0c53-4486-8c88-5dcbca75e708by Jessica Hopkins18 Apr 2019

i'm trying to write a happy poem

it's going to be nothing new



there's always the little things:

smelling fresh laundry
someone telling you they love you
falling asleep after a long day
discovering a new song.

i know they stop being enough but
life should be enough

don't let yourself be dissatisfied, there's so much to be done
and said

it's all out there, outside these four walls.

sometimes you just need to forget who you are,
be someone else
for a day

imagine their future: one filled with this
light ecstasy.

but you need to keep moving

if you stay still, this quicksand will pull you under

life doesn't let you stop. and think

not when your own mind is against you.