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The meaning behind this poem was from my childhood witch was a very unhappy time growing up in foster care, using drugs to cover up all the bad experiences that had happened in life.

Life Support System

76030_156748494479738_1474909677_nby Sean Faith19 Aug 2013

Drink, drugs, pills, and Magic potion, the wizard of Oz the yellow brick road.
Color spectrum, astronomical feeling,
mind and body what a feeling, chemical high touching the ceiling,
the ceiling of life what a feeling.
Can hear my heart beating dancing the joy joys of this feeling dancing on the ceiling.

Systems failing, ground control mission failing,
Free falling, no control beaning sucked into the black hole
no hope, can't change course,
feeling gravity forces.

One Last chance, engage life support system
flick the switch boosters firing, mission control can you hear me,
life support systems engaging power restoring,

New course plotted, homeward bound
Till next time
Over and out

Copyright Sean Faith 2013