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dedicated to the space where reality and ability collide – poetry and in answer to the most famous question in welsh culture   . This is written in a deliberate format to highlight my inability to master the correct technique and references some of those who think its child’s play. A Oes Heddwch .....?

Standing room Only !

Pz-avatarby Seren Y Silures20 May 2014

no metre, strict or otherwise
no alliteration or rhyme
Stress // yes but the wrong sort
in the wrong place and
no arrangement of sound
Taleiasin would cry//
Cerdd dafod is dead!

yodel or 'ol doll
but never cross harmony
no two dozen awdl // for no wooden prize
gross vowels abound but in the wrong half
and no partial consonants drag me to sain

No Quantitative easing would
Gwerful Mechain provide
not even Cywydd y Cedor
will make ability to rise

forgive me DH, Ann Griffiths and Hopkins alike
for it is beyond my poor skills this form to write
//resigned to my fate but with good shoes
i must caedere

no chair for this house
and hell to be welsh
Crownless regardless of Englyn
dammed to this fate

And when the Prifardd calls
and the pavilion awaits
i shall answer for all with truth versus world fate//
Heddwch my Arse!