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Not everyone spends Christmas with piles of packages and a large happy family occasion....

Christmas Away from Home

131024-160038by Sheri Fresonke Harper12 Dec 2013

In Belize the dark night is warm, women sway against palms.
Their lovers croon along with the disco band.
All quiet, the party and song comes with morning.

In New Zealand there is little fuss, no need to dress up,
a special meal topped with kiwi meringue pie,
a quiet beach, quiet chats, a good time, wide open sky.

In Puerto Rico the Christmas lights shine through rainy skies.
Cloudy smoke calls gatherers to meat and greet
never the same hillside, barbecues are arranged disarray.

In Las Vegas there's too many hungry eyes searching for hugs.
Laughter comes from the tipping of champagne
and the cherries never come quick enough to spare despair.

In the Dominican Republic many smiles for strangers
for this is the work a warm island offers with coffee and chocolate.
Lights against the darkness shining over bluing sea.

Sometimes it seems the true meaning of Christmas is about home
less travelers finding comfort with others and the hope
of new family shared with strangers our guiding star.