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What it feels like to get stuck while writing...


131024-160038by Sheri Fresonke Harper12 Dec 2013

Memorization fits seat pants, ache in back,
tandem bike of thoughts entwined with yours,
skipping off in a procession …
What next? What next? Where’s the list?
until it buzzes down to white space
your mind intrudes, your smile knowing, smug.
"Fear", you say,
"That’s fear"
locking your elbows to the rocking pad,
the never blast, stationary non-ride time of waste,
empty floors spread before you, into black nights
out to horizon, past the telescope end.
"And void."
Clutching at your toes. Stopping your fingers,
whispering, "You don’t know."
laughing, "This is all there is",
the tap of keys, buzz of CPU,
buzz of head, shaved thoughts, empty pride
"You’re void. Lost. Fire burned out. Stopped."
It’s because of all the rushed blast in the seat then fall
Away, stops. Blast enough times
no fuel is left. Heart blown away. Fear eaten by black hole.
"Only no. There’s nothing left to write."
Until you do.