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I just wrote what was on the top of my head, and tried to make it rhyme!

Kitchen Bait

Pz-avatarby Karen Shalit01 Feb 2020

In a town called, Fattal
there lived a man
that had no money at all
And did all that he can
to support his family.

Then one day,
he ran home happily!
He was offered a job
By a man named Rob.

The man went away,
to make his fortune
determined that someday
he will delight everyone
with the money he will make
and could not wait to see what's at stake.

On the way there
An old man could not bear
To see the new guy
Nearly jumping in the air.
He could not help it
But to ask
Why are you acting like such a spazz?

The man was confused
And did not know what to say
So he just asked
How are you today?

The old man then knew
That this man did not know
What was coming his way.

The old man sat him down
With a cup of tea
And said
Young lad, you must listen to me.
The old man went on
Telling his secrets
And made sure the man was going to keep it.

A man named Rob
That offered a job
Was up to no good
At all!
He secretly commits
Men that don’t remit
And takes advantage
That they are such dimwits.

As he sits in his cabin
He counts all the men
He’s about to turn-in
And thinks of all the cash he is going to win.

The old man disappears
And the man was in shock
That death is near
So his first thought
Was maybe he should jump off the dock?

The man named Rob
Called over his twin Bob
And the man overheard
So his heart started to throb.
Rob and Bob were planning to kill
All these men
In exchange for bills.

The man then knew
What the old man knows
And must do something
But did not know…
So he went into a cargo,
And found something sharp
So when Bob and Rob come out
He will stab them in the heart!
A few minutes went by
And nothing happened
Until the two twins called out
Are you alright young lad? Did something happen?
The man jumped out and said
The twins then knew
That the man knows
That they are not the guys that promised him dough.

Alright alright, let's talk it out?
Maybe you can work with us and not rat us out?
The man held the sharp knife tightly
And yelled
Do not move! Not even slightly!

The other men on the ship
Heard all the ruckus
Grabbed the twins
And asked
Do you guys know how to swim?
The twins shouted and screamed
Please! please! We don’t know how to swim!
In exchange for our lives, we will give you treasure,
Treasure that will feed your families
Forever and ever!

They tied up the twins and found all their riches
Went back to their homes
And filled up their kitchens.