La Barca

Pz-avatarby Karen Shalit11 May 2020

On a rainy night, a drunk man crashes into an empty bar tripping over his own feet. As the light swings over his head and the bartender pours him “the regular”, the drunk man begins to laugh. “You know what I found? Ha, I found a map! Hahaha, I am going to be rich!”, the man yelled thinking that he was only with the bartender that barely speaks English, only he wasn’t. A few eyes started popping out in the shadows of the bar, trying to see if this drunk man will speak his sober truth. The man continued to laugh, “You know Julio, I got a boat right down the street called “Barca”, my father gave it to me...never used it since my father passed.” The drunk man started to sob and banged his head on the bar with his drink still in his hand. Julio, the bartender, shook his head and kept drying out the washed cups. The eyes in the shadows all looked at one another, knowing what they all had to do, take the map and go to the boat. They slowly got up trying not to make any noise. One of the guys was tip-toeing over ready to snatch the map from the drunk man's back pocket, and the others were waiting by the door ready to run towards the boat. While the drunk man was snoring and practically drooling all over the bar, the guy snatched the map, winked at Julio and made a run for it.
“Did you get it?”, yelled one of the guys. “Sure did mate!”
The guys ran towards the boat thinking that this was their best shot at running away and getting rich, since they were wanted for a bunch of crimes. Nobody was able to throw these convicts to jail. “Should get some supplies before getting to the boat?” Asked one of the guys, “No its too risky, we gotta get outta here! We’ll figure it out.” Said the leader of the group out go breath. The guys got to the marina, only to find out that the marina was gated with security. Suddenly they heard something thumping over the breakwater. There it was, “Barca”, the little shagged up boat that would take them towards a new life. “That's the boat?” Said one of the guys confused and disappointed. “Come on, we gotta get outta here!” Whispered the leader with tension. The guys climbed down the breakwater smushed together into the boat trying to get comfortable.
Once they were ready one of the guys took out the map from his pocket, the other guys pushed their heads against each other with excitement. Slowly unrolling the map, expecting to see a route to paradise, the men were shocked. Their excitement immediately turned to anger when they saw a map with no route, that only said “checkmate”. Then suddenly there was a click from a gun and a voice that howled “Put your hands where I can see them!” It was the drunk man from the bar. “You guys are slick but you ain’t smart ill give you that...” said the drunk man from the bar. The guys in the boat started to shake, putting their hands up, while one of them was reaching for their gun. “You guys really thought, that this was your ticket out of here?” Said the drunk man from the bar. One of the guys was ready to shoot the drunk man from the bar, until a siren went off. “"You are under arrest on multiple crimes. You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.” Julio, the bartender yelled through a megaphone standing on the bow of a police watercraft. The drunk man pulls out his badge and said, “May justice prevail”.