American Idol

Pz-avatarby Karen Shalit11 May 2020

Susie Chanks thought she was an incredible singer. She would always look into the mirror and imagine herself on stage with millions of fans screaming for more! Susie would write in her diary just before bed writing lyrics, knowing that someday when she’ll be realized shell have songs prepared. She would practice singing on her old Barbie doll Karaoke machine feeling that this was her purpose in life, to sing. She couldn’t wait till she turned 17 so she can audition for American Idol and make Simon Cowell cry from how amazing she is. Day by day, she felt more confident and ready for her future career as a pop star. Sadly, the only audience she had was her dolls, her parents where never home and her babysitter didn’t know English. But she didn’t need anyone to tell her what they think of her talents, she knew that she was as good as Ariana Grande.
Next thing she knew she was in line to audition for American Idol. All grown up, feeling butterflies in her stomach not believing that her dreams are starting to come true.
“Susie Chanks!” Called one of the producers. Susie jumped out of her seat and ran to the door. “How you feeling?” Asked the producer, “I feel great! I can’t wait to go to Hollywood!” Susie said with much confidence. “Good for you!” Said the producer surprised. “Alright, good luck! Go ahead” The producer said as he opened the door to the audition room.
As Susie walked in, everything seemed so far away and was in shock to see the judges in person and not from her TV screen. Susie woke up from her shock once she heard a masculine voice say “What's your name?”. “My…my…my name is…Susie Chanks and I am going to be America’s next Idol!” Susie said without realization, almost like an instinct since she’s been dreaming about this day for many years. “Alright Susie”, Simon Cowell said with a giggle, “What are you going to sing for us?” Asked Simon. The rest of the judges were all in aw from this overconfident girl, excited to see what she brings to the table. “I am going to sing a song that I wrote called Born to be a Pop star, which is basically a song that explains how I was born to be a pop star,” Susie said rolling her eyes since it was so obvious for her that she is Hollywood material. The judges were already tearing up from holding in their laughter, but Susie thought that they were ready to cry from how awesome she is.
“A one and a two and a one-two-three!” Susie said with rhythm while she snapped her fingers and began to sing. Susie sang with her eyes closed because she wanted to see their final reactions when she finished singing. As Susie squealed the last line of her song, she slowly opened her eyes and couldn’t believe all the judges' faces were red and teared up. She knew she amazed them, she felt like Whitney Houston. An awkward silence spread through the room. The judges were clearing out their throats and wiping their eyes. Susie was smiling and waiting for a response until finally she broke the silence and said “So!? I’m going to Hollywood right?”. The judges all burst out laughing. Susie didn’t understand, “What’s so funny?” Simon calmed down and said “Sweetie, that was the most ridiculous performance I have ever seen in my life! Did anyone ever tell you that you cant sing?!”. “No..” Said Susie as she looked down embarrassed. “Well, I think you should forget about singing because you are definitely not Hollywood material darling. Please do us all a favor, and don’t sing!” Simon said and continued to laugh with the rest of the judges.
Susie left the room, crying. She ran home and threw out everything that had to do with music. The next day she noticed her Babysitter watching tv, and she heard her name on the tv. Her audition was on, it hurt to watch but she wanted to see what she was missing out on when her eyes were closed. She saw all the judges cracking up when she thought they were crying. The babysitter too, couldn’t help but laugh.

After seeing what a fool she made out of herself, she realized that she has been living a lie.