Sex to An Abused Child Now An Adult

Blue_rose-wallpaper-10097037by Sulley Wilde26 Nov 2013

Shred the heart of a child’s trust
Twist her little intestines of purity
Deny her budding vocal cords the utterance of truth
Rip out her hair of understanding
Remove her skin of wholeness
Burn her soul to numbness
Cover her breasts of vulnerability with a padded bra of hate

Grow up clothed in the shame of puberty
Keep the images of brutality at bay

Shove down sexual arousal by day
Strangulate animalistic desires by night

Live in confusion
Live as damaged goods
Live in perpetual fear

Try abstaining from all sexual inclinations until married
Bathe often because of filth, for no amount of washing
Will clean out the stench of self-gratification or imposed annihilation
Of he who used me as his sex toy
And she who thought molestation was for kids

Then get married, but not for love rather
Because of not being able
To keep a nickel between my knees

Don the wedding dress of condemnation Wake up with a new name and Change all the rules.

For now,
My body is not my own

Now, I’m to give of myself generously, freely, lovingly
I’m to satisfy my husband often And most important, Enjoy myself!