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Sometimes it's easy to feel that we are alone in the world. We're inundated with messages that God does not exist, but the reality of it is, not only does He exist, but He is active in healing us, making us better.

Soul Surgery

Blue_rose-wallpaper-10097037by Sulley Wilde30 Dec 2013

There are naked layers between us Your eyes see into my breast. You keep the rhythm of my heart. Your knowledge of my inner workings leave me skinless before You. I was lying there my knees drawn, hemmed in by misery's stitch.

My wounds festered than healed over and over again.

You knew the depths of my despair and sent him into my life.

He looked deeper than my outward appearance, someone who wasn't afraid. He didn't back away from the ugly things I expressed or held within. His words were surgery to my soul.

Each precise slice of the scalpel he handled perfectly, even perfect in depth.

Being over me in surgery, I lay awake, each time surrendering to his touch nourished by waves of consciousness as he sliced through, knowing it was really You, your Healing caress.

I lay sheltered in Your promises in Your presence, in Your word.

Through him I found the newness for life. I'm filled by your waves of truth.

Your healing touch has birthed in me a new mind and the new desire to live.

Who but you would take the time to heal my wounds? Some people think You don't exist, but I know different. No one but God could lift me up from the mire, from the blackness of death and breathe wholeness into me.

Only a Master healer can do such surgery giving me a new way to live, "A Ticket Out"