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We are not what people say we are. We are what we believe.

Dust Off

Blue_rose-wallpaper-10097037by Sulley Wilde13 Jan 2014

Stop. Heave. Take time. Breathe. Remember you have invaluable worth. You are like the North Star, a sailor’s salvation in the midst of the cold blackness at sea.

Dust off the soot of hell’s lies. Tear off its coat of deceit that you will “Always stay the same” or how you’ve been falsely accused of evil not your own.

Stand tall!
Stand firm, unwavering even as your enemies try disemboweling you,
even if they are those closest to you,
even if they become people in your own home.

A seed of Revelation-

You never have to conform to another’s Opinion about who they think you are as your own truth!

Whatever seed you allow to be planted in your soul- Grows!