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Finding one's self is a life long journey. It's important to remember to laugh at ourselves and not be so serious.

Master Thief

Blue_rose-wallpaper-10097037by Sulley Wilde14 Jan 2014

I feel like a mocking bird stealing
someone else’s song.

I want to feel unique in my own skin,
strikingly different, even eccentric.

Maybe like Einstein, I’ll wear a frizzy
fro or have several of the same suits
made to simplify my fashion.
But again, I’d be that little gray master
thief singing someone else’s song.


I’ve decided to do something singular.
I decided from this day forward
I’ll write all my rough drafts with pens
promoting the Army. I’ll use the pen
I’ve possessed now for five months.
It makes perfect sense, “Army Strong,”
Its slogan screams and shouts.

I’m strong. I’m an “Army of One.”
I have letter soldiers with
many missions to complete.
I have shouts to scream.

Heck, it would even be a great tidbit
of trivia for someone seeking
fanatical facts about my life.
It’s something I can call my own.
It may not be as loud as Einstein,
but, it is something quaint.
It is something quirky.
It’s something.

I’d be more than that master thief
singing someone else’s song.
I’d be a quasar. I’d be substantive.

There’s now only one problem with
my perfect, fool proof plan,

I lost my freakin' pen!