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This was a short story revised in a poem. My idea came from Oscar Wilde's "Nightingale and the Rose." Hope you like this.


Blue_rose-wallpaper-10097037by Sulley Wilde23 Jan 2014

The moon rose up full in the sky,
when it heard the sobs of a little dove’s cry.

“What ails you bird? Oh, you’ve broken a wing.”
The little dove shivered beneath its beam.

“A child with an arrow shot at me see,
I was minding my own business
when it tore through me.”

“Sad,” said the Moon. “Now how is this so?
What did you do to cause such a woe?”

“Me?” Cried the dove. Indignant was he.
“Just you watch out, before I curse at you, see.”

“Why, what have I done?
You’re not a nice bird,
perhaps I should leave you here
alone in the dirt.”

“Go right on ahead,” puffed up the dove.
“You’re no use to me, silly light from above.”

With that the moon made its way through the sky,
while the dove all alone sulked in pity and cried.

The sun did wake and seeing him said,
“Would you like me to light a path home
for you safe?
From here I can see your nest just
a smidge over there…
my poor little friend,
know that I care.”

“If you think you can, I mean you’re kind of
slow in thought.
Geeze, I’ve been waiting for you
since the beginning of dawn.”

“Well,” Scorched the sun “Hmmm…
now let me see,
follow my light,
if you dare trust in me.”

As the little bird hobbled, the brighter it got,
till all he could see was one little spot.

“One more step” the sun, beamed bright.

That’s when he fell, fell out of sight.

He fumbled and tumbled over the cliff,
cursing and yelling,
he was having a fit.

A soaring hawk watched, with a gleam in his eye.
He laughed so hard, he started to cry.
He swooped down and grasped the shocked little bird,

“Any last words before I tear you in turn?”

“One last thing I’ve got to say,
eat me old hawk and I swear that you’ll pay.”

With one claw he ripped, and the other he tore.
He ate that dove, till his belly was sore.

In the evening the moon
did rise up again,
and saw the dead hawk outside of its den.

The moon questioned the hawk’s terrible fate,

A reply from the wind…

“It was something he ate.”