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Sulley Wilde

From California, USA

I recently obtained my Master's Degree in Creative Writing (MFA) with National University. I'm a poet, writer, wife and mom. For me, poetry has been my budding voice, a tool used in opening Pandora's box.... "What a vast array of beauty lies in the words of the poet, words to read and create, a single breath that lives on even after death." (S. Wilde)

What inspires me?

Truth! Being able to get to the heart of anything, the truth of the matter inspires me. I realize poetry, as with any other writing's are works in progress. It's the ability to adapt, change, continually rearrange our voice is where I find poetry's beauty. It takes a certain strength of character, a honest inward look and those who aren't afraid to bare this revelation, I believe genuinely inspire a change in others.

Top 5 poets

  1. Sharon Olds
  2. Linda Pastan
  3. Mary Oliver
  4. Billy Collins
  5. Theodore Roethke

Top 5 poems

  1. "Open House" by Theodore Roethke
  2. "Insomnia" by Billy Collins
  3. "The Five Stages of Grief" by Linda Pastan
  4. "I Have Decided" by Mary Oliver
  5. "His Stillness" by Sharon Olds

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