181010131059-australia-best-beaches-cossies-beach-cocos3by Shani Ben Mayor20 Jun 2020

Shani Ben Mayor
Once upon a time, there a little town where everyone knew each other. If something had happened, the rumor had it. If someone heard a small piece of information, immediately, each person in that town knew all the details. It spread so speedily that even a wall could not stop the words. Not all the rumors were true since people did not clearly listen, and sometimes they understood the words in different meanings. Once, Paul, the coffee owner, heard that Mrs. Panic killed her husband in the saloon, and the coffee machine shook from panic. One minute had left, and the people in the town had their own versions of the story. "He was annoying! She could not live with him anymore!" said Mr. Lair, "I heard he punched her before!" said Mr. Gullible. Everyone had something to say. But what was happened is that Mrs. Panic built a new stand at noon. Mrs. Panic walked down the street to buy some spuds and carrots to make her husband an appetizing soup. On her way, she heard people mumbling, "how she dares!" "You have to be shamed," and she noticed that people stay away from her. Mrs. Panic did not understand why. When she entered the grocery shop, she met Rebecca, a smart girl who lived in the town. She smiled at her and asked her, "Mrs. Panic, I saw your husband through the window, I know that nothing happened, but the whole town speaking about you killed him." Mrs. Panic shouted, "me? Killing my precious husband? How could someone think that I did that?". The tomatoes almost exploded over her screaming, the milk was shaking, the chocolate practically melted, and the carrots and the spuds were worried; they hid because they did not want her to find them. She cried, then sobbed and asked: "who thought these people would believe that I did that? ". "Don't you worried," said Rebecca, "we will fix that out." She whispered Mrs. panic to shout, "He follows me, he came back," and she did so. They went to Mrs. and Mr. Panic's house. Rebecca put on Mr. Panic a white sheet that had a sense of humor, she made a hole where his head was and asked Mr. Panic to go out of the house and shout. The people in the town were anxious! Rebecca and Mrs. Panic laughed so hard that they could not stop. After the people in that town understood that it was a joke, they made sure what they said was true.

1. a. Find the personifications in the story and mark them.
b. Add three more personifications to the story.
2. Write 5 new words that you had not known before reading the story.