Poison Ivy

Pz-avatarby Shanny Gol19 May 2020

"No," she said, "no more."
Ivy looked at the sky and said a prayer. She was exhausted from running, and it seems like she ran for a couple of hours with no break. She ended up by a crossroad and fall to the ground. When she opened her eyes, an older woman was staring at her blocking the sun lights. "Are you ok, my dear"? the woman asked, "come, pick yourself up and walk with me to my house", Ivy was dehydrated, her lips were ashy and dry. "No, no more," she whispered, "I can't work anymore. I am too weak ma'am". The old woman was confused, she took out her water bottle and washed Ivy's face and gave her to drink as much as she could. "Now, what's that you said, my dear? Work? I want you to wash and rest; you look exhausted, but if you don't want to come, that's just fine, you are all grown, you have a choice". She was indeed quite big; last month was her 19th birthday. When she heard the word choice, her eyes opened wide, and then she smiled, and tears started going down her face. She stood up, looked around, nothing was familiar to her, she took another sip from the bottle, fixed her dress, thanked the older woman, and stared walking peacefully to the unknown.