Nenita- Character Story

Pz-avatarby Shanny Gol14 Jun 2020

Nina was only fourteen when she got married, she was only a 'nenita', a little girl. Once a week, all the women in her village go to the river to wash their family laundry. Nina had her spot far away from the other women of the village, they always criticized the way she washed the clothes. Her spot was exactly under the sun which made the water shine bright like tiny stars in the sky. She loved looking at the fish, swimming with the current all colorful and happy. When the sun moved a little bit, she dunked her head in the water and washed her face so she could feel refreshed after working for several of hours. She was looking at her reflection, admiring her smooth skin and lashes hair when she noticed another reflection above her, a tall and strong man in a black suit telling her to go back to the village and turn on the radio. All the women carried their half clean bags back to the village, turn on their radio when the next announcement came: "Today, January the 30th, the Corona Virus has officially spread in our country, please stay in your homes and avoid any physical human contact". Nina's father looked at her mother, Nina looked at her little baby brother and the house was silent. Days gone by and it was harder to find fresh produces and sources of protein, there wasn’t any income so even money was running short. One day Nina was going to the river again, it was the laundry day, then, few minutes went by went her father sent someone to call her back. When she entered home there was a grown man sitting next to her father smoking a big fat cigar. "Come and sit next to the nice man my Nenita, come." Her father asked. before she noticed her mother came with a bag pack full of Nina's clothes and gave her a hug with tears in her eyes. Nothing was said, she looked at her father and he faced his head down, too embarrassed to look into his daughter's eyes. The man grabbed her yellow bag, opened the door, and never looked back. Nina felt weak, she couldn’t move her legs, they felt like big heavy rocks. Tears started going down her face and her whole body heart. Then, a big loud honk came from the man's car, and her mother begged her to leave the house and get in his car. Nina picked her bother from the ground, hugged and smelled him, and went out the door, she didn’t said a single word.