This One is for You

Pz-avatarby ShantesciaHill17 Aug 2014

My heart pounds
Everytime I see you
My heart pounds against my chest
It threatens my rib cage

My heart swells
Everytime I touch you
My heart swells
The painful pleasure


Bleeding light and love
The Beauty of it the feeling of it
The purity of it

The connection
Our connection
The energy
Our energy
My energy moves freely
Engulfing you surrounding you
Pulling us closer

Abandoning all forms of resistance
Abandoning all forms of reason
The only thing left is the feeling
The feeling of me loving you

Craving yearning wanting
More of the forbidden
Abandoning all doubt

My heart opens
Letting you in
Only wanting to give love
Only wanting to lift you up


Breaking when we part
My heart
Shattering all over the earth

Piece by piece
Missing you

Come here
Come up here with your Queen
Your Goddess
Where all things are sweet like honey
Where all things feel like heaven
Where every part of you is accepted


Take the love
Accept the love
Breathe it into your soul

Abandon the darkness
There is no judgement here
Pursue the light
It is here for you
Waiting for you