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The Getaway is the real thing tuned downed to the rawness of just words. Just another car chase, just another day played
out to stay free. I like the lines in poetic form so that it takes out all the vulgarity and leaves you with an assembly of words that others can relate with. I hope.

The Getaway

2f281490d7d44226a70374111bf9d857_-_copyby Terry D'Arcy-Ryan25 Apr 2018

outrage drives the prey
marked for pursuit
the fray is wise to the overture
the hunted and hunter rival in their sites
acceleration gives flight, damn the metal rip ties
instinct breaks through power on a leash
momentum turns to fearless an engine now complete
velocity is true to the bluff of cold steel
incentive for this 1000 pounds of real
a recurring urge hits to turn into the rail
it never leaves, never will
compromise pulls back for something instilled
to exceed above a place called freewill
fight or flight forges a river sweet
peripheral screams of flashes and streams
the dark side of sunset on her knees
color has surrendered her semblance
blurring lights as if crude or paintless
a race across the frontier of near moments
hopes best plans are a stalemate
white knuckle grip and aim
constant motion in the steering
automatic reaction seeks a blind ingenuity
break dodge and weave, breathe
holding out for opportunity with an invite
eager whispers creeping oh so neat
a predator smiles wide in the rear site
last chance exit, and a hail to the saint’s
the game of russian roulette with both hands in place
direction is forfeit to the turns in a matrix
slow to steady no place for chase
slower than a cruise into oblivious
just beyond the fixed gate, next flight to venus
a parking space, the perfect hiding place
shielded in the realm of normal and plain sight
a residence in silent night down to no lights
one car sleeps in the drive
a body lays across both front seats
heart skipping beats
breathing slows to quiet
a counting of the moments
rinse repeat count once again
realization crowns
the getaway

Terry D’arcy-Ryan