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Call Off The Dogs

20180809_101641by Shiri West07 Nov 2020

He said he came from the heavens
That my whisper was heard
Through years of longing
Through continents and mountains of despair
Nothing feels as good as belonging
To the one you had so hopelessly waited for
Death was gone and any fear existing disappeared
They all vanished and wiped out all those years and tears
I came back home
I threw away my shoes
I left the storm outside
And cleared away the Blues
"Call off the dogs" I cried, "stop the search"
I thanked my God and mother earth
That night in Crete he let out a sigh
I felt the thunder within, I felt the touch of the sky
How I knew then that years later I will still cry
Over a long lost love and every cloud in the sky
My fantasy, my lust
My shaken heart, the lost trust
Something was gone, couldn’t put my finger
Dark shade, the thunder grew stronger
Down came the dawn and he was long gone
Come back, my dogs, go back on your search
don’t leave me all alone!