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To Amir, with (no more) love.

I Swear She Fell From Above

20180809_101641by Shiri West16 Nov 2020

Looking through the Academia glass window
All gussied up and willing to participate
My favorite part of the day
Exposing my intellect, sharing my knowledge
Comforting the ignorant in the audience
For not all have got the gift of achievement
I am here to perform
Razzle dazzle them, they say
Feed them wealth of information, I will
I put the phone down slowly
Observing my motion, noticing an emotion
Seldom do I lose my balance, my facade
My heart feels funny, I remember how it feels
I am holding to the notion, I know how fast it seals
She was so young, innocent, I never even tried
Now she hung up
I have to start to lie
I cannot lose her once again
I cannot let another storm front come in and wash it all away
The pain, the sacrifice, the price, the gain
It all needs to be measured
Science requires process and procedure
I shall go downstairs now, I hate to keep them waiting
I love to watch then anticipating
I can't wait to pull out all my swords
How wonderful is the crowd
How fantastic it feels to use oh so many words!
She waited thirty summers
She will wait these two more hours
No, no need for flowers.