An American Affair

20180809_101641by Shiri West12 Jan 2021

There is a saying
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
So Sheila waited for quite some time
Not choosing, carefully not making a mistake
She was patient and willing
And along came wheeling
A dark handsome man with an arm band
Finally, she thought, there is my Promised Land”.

Karlin was all that Sheila could wish for
Shining galore of necklaces, tan and ancient scent
She was a rebel, but of the gentle kind
She was decent and she knew her history
He read her mind
He had a glorious heritage of Indian culture
They were here first, in this land, it is his shrine
Simply a walking tradition full of symbols and cliches
Native American, all gloriously featured
To fit her adventurous story in every angle
They were immediately entangled.

It all started rather heavenly, a huge affair
All colored with hues of ancient people
That threw their shadows on the new pair
She was from Irish descent, well rooted in America
And he was her contradiction: tall, dark, handsome
Himself a piece of memorabilia

So went the romance, opposites attracted, cultures collided
Sometimes they quarreled, soon after they reunited
They enjoyed each other’s physique and went for long drives
He showed her his tribal land,his clan
His potential future Indian wives
She took him nowhere special, her background being more subtle
To the local pub, a Sunday Tea, fundraisers, dress rehearsals
As her best friends started to marry
He just was not yet ready.

Sheila was waiting for Karlin to propose
After all, it has been a year, on the nose
What else - she often wondered - does a couple need,
A good laugh, a strong attraction, they had all that indeed
But that was the burying of a seed
For when Karlin noticed that Sheila saw a future
He curled back to his Mother Nature
Back to where he came from
Disappearing with all his glorious braids and authentic jewels
Living Sheila behind to live by the society rules
He climbed back on his modeled bike
Soon all that was left was dust
He was gone like a flickering light
How naive was she to think
There was ever a chance he would last
For more than just a nice long drink.

There is a saying
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
So Sheila waited
She may have waited until it was a little too late.