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The Little Shepherdess

20180809_101641by Shiri West20 Feb 2021

[William-Adolphe Bouguereau (French, 1825-1905)The Philbrook Museum of Art]

A lovely looking girl
Certainty in her look
She stares right through me
As if I am an open book
It seems she can see past the years the decades, past time
I would love to just get in there
Hear her story, give her shelter, throw her a dime
She has her routine
Of course she has got her tale
She is calm and secure
Is she safe? Can one ever tell?
How delicate, how much finesse, so humble
And yet a sense of glory
The glorious nature, in the midst of it she stands
Upright, secure, wearing simple clothes, lacking stains
She is young and yet seems mature
Soon to be an adult, starting to live by the rules
Of society and cultures, do’s and don’ts
But she is still, she is forever young in here
Though she always will
Exist only in one time and place, one dimension
A portrait of a young woman caught in the middle of her day
Not striving for attention
Simply looking at me at us all
Watching us bend, rise, fall
As she stands there in full glory and simplicity
In the midst of the luscious meadow
Herding her cattle, barefoot on the raw, moist green grass
With her bare feet, her witty look, I can see the shadow
Of generations to be, of the ones that are gone
She is our past our future our present
Of strong women standing out there all alone.