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This poem narrates state of a person's mind and heart who is trying to prove a point and in the battle field of the society he is left alone.
That person still has believe in himself/herself.

The Collapse…

Prof_imgby Shubhanshu Pathak18 Jul 2014

The malodorous breeze was all around,
The hint of wind was piercing the thought,
The sense of mixed geshem in it wet my courage which I brought,
I was mutely replying to all the echoes reflecting from the surrounding rock,
I could sense the feebleness of colliding dirt,
But was dumb to the roar of the empyrean above…

I was fighting for the believe of mine in me,
To prove those characters which some wrote, few read and I followed,
To proclaim that my life is mine too which they forgot,
The war was fought within me but the soldiers were unknown,
The artilleries were creating the menace to the full,
There was a chaos, turmoil, a pandemonium and no one was ready to give up,
Hair on my body were waving up to uproot themselves,
The veins of my cornea got ruptured to paint it red,
That was the only mildness which I was feeling, the dampness of that fluid on the pupil,
The stretched arms which forced the proliferation of the fingers,
I bent my back, tilt my neck and showed the convex to the front,
What next…
The percolating agitation to the world was added by my roar,

And what is this…

My lashes started drowning down,
A sense of wave shook my body from toe to hair,
I was feeling the feather,
I was trapped in the world between earth and sky in all the passing moments,
I was falling down,
My hair was brushing that wind,
And I felt I was on that canvas…

Those eternities long moments passed and my knee hit the ground,
My inverted palm felt the dust,
My twisted toes rubbed the dirt,
My arm felt the surface,
My thighs loosened the weight,
My chest felt a strange thump,
And finally the battle field lost the war,
I was grounded with my nose smelling the earth…

Now their pertained an utter silence,
And my soul broke the cage of bones and flesh,

The last word which I heard –
“Oh! He collapsed…”

Was that enough?