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A dedication to Madiba.

Kudos To A Revolutionary

Pz-avatarby Ndaba14 Dec 2013

Kudos To A Revolutionary

A standing ovation to a soul who
lit the chambers of our revolution.

May his ideals pervade across the African continent
and beyond. May his legacy radiate and remain
throughout the ages. May African leaders emulate.
Considered a hero for the world, a humble reconciler.
One of the greatest figures of contemporary Africa.

Wonderful selfless service for Africa and for the
good of humanity. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,
an icon of the anti-apartheid movement.
Humble but a giant, a fighter but a lover and
maker of peace. What a legacy. What a sacrifice.

The first president of a democratic South Africa.
A famous prisoner, a motivator and a liberator.
A Nobel Peace Prize winner, an epitome of courage
and resistance and forgiveness. A boxer and a lawyer.
What a legacy. What a sacrifice. What a walk. There is
a long walk to financial freedom for the generality of
citizens. What a race. An ideal for a rainbow nation.

Celebrating his life and legacy in a momentous day,
A moving tribute graced by ordinary South Africans,
international leaders, global figures and a galaxy of
stars. A memorial service befitting of a unique global luminary.
One of the largest such gatherings of international dignitaries
in modern years. Hamba kahle Tata Mandela. Go well, hero.