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An analogy to a 3 year-long experience I went through. One of my deeper poems. The sun represents God and me sinking in the water represents me growing farther from Him.


Screen_shot_2016-05-21_at_1.42.14_pmby Sierra Ross21 May 2016

Sierra - 2016

Shattering the glass that is the surface of the water
Rock cutting my feet.
Bleeding but not caring.
Aching but not stopping.
Each wound taking away from me.
Leaving a parts of myself behind.

Only sinking
Wanting something

Everything in slow motion
Every sound muted
Every color faded
Every line blotted
But not able to breathe still
And not thinking.

Current pulling me
Trying to move me
But my weight anchors me
And I sink still.

I touch the bottom
The cold sand
The end
Where most stay
And decay
And I feel paralyzed
My senses gone
Pulled out from me
It’s hard to see
That the surrounding pressure
Is crushing me

The mass of heavy water
Suffocating me

But Then

I look up to the shattered glass
That pieces itself back together
And becomes more and more clear at last
And the confusion ripples away
I see the glittering light
Of the sun
I am free

And only when I realize that I must swim
Do I start my journey
My growth
And every ounce of me pushes
My lungs scream in agony
And as I climb to the surface
The air draws me nearer
To life

And I shatter the glass
And I inhale

And I am alive.