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I love reading, and these are the thoughts that run through my mind when I read

Chapter 7

Screen_shot_2016-05-21_at_1.42.14_pmby Sierra Ross21 May 2016

May 10, 2015

She picks up the leather-bound book
Her fingers tracing the raised letters on the face
Feeling the tough texture of the natural leather
At the foot of the smooth surface of the letters.
She opens the cover
And let the pages flutter
In a fan-like fashion
The words blurred in the flurry
Teasing her
Letting her have just a glimpse
And giving off a scent of dust and wood
Then falling back onto each other again
Perfectly aligning themselves
So that she can read.
So the words can race her.
So she does
She finds the strip of velvet
The mark holding her place
On chapter 7
And overturns the rest to her left
As her eyes turn their gaze to the right.
The boring, overused font
Comforting her as if to say
Welcome home.
She begins.
Taking on one word at a time
as she absorbs every word
Every line
slowly picking up her pace
And soon she is
Racing the words
On a horizontal path
And before she knows it
Every word becomes a tree
The puzzling words that she trips over
Are twigs in her path
The end of the paragraph
Is the meadow at the end of the
Maze of skinny pines
Around her
She runs
She feels the words
The little beams of sunlight
Through the trees
Are her favorite words
The words that warm her.
Give her butterflies.
The shadowy areas
Between the lines
And the trees
Are at her back.
As she inhales
Every letter
In that boring font
Enters her mind.
And as she exhales
She makes sense of them
Believes them.
Feels them.
When she grasps the corner
Of the paper
And turns it over
Her heart races
She is not longer in a chair
She is in the pages
The forest of
and words
and ideas
And each
and every word
Leaves her
craving more
An oddly beautiful addiction
And she jumps
From sentence to sentence
Phrase to phrase
Word to word