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This is a message to today's society. Our lack of encouraging uniqueness has caused humanity's standards to drop so we can achieve the feeling of being "normal". Let's embrace who we are, and not who society says we should be.


Screen_shot_2016-05-21_at_1.42.14_pmby Sierra Ross21 May 2016

May 19, 2016

The world as we know it is devoid of innocence.
What once was a normality is now a rarity.
Everyone blindly following a glowing ember
Thinking it’s the sun
When the brilliant sunlight is at their backs.
Its funny how society can make being a rock
Look much more desirable
Than being a glittering ruby.

Remember when we were 7?
When we caked ourselves in the mud
When the worms were our pets
And when we wanted to taste
Everything we touched.
When roses were flowers from
Enchanted fairytales
Not prickly shrubs.
When we let the strawberry ice cream
Dribble off the cone and onto our chins
And we laughed
Now we just
Cover our faces and wash our hands.
Remember when
We ran out in the rain
And splashed and rolled in every puddle
Our tongues inviting each and every drop
Instead of wiping it away
And drying our umbrella.

When did we give them permission
to dull our sparkle?

Since when are worms disgusting?
Roses thorny?
Ice cream sticky?
Rain corroding?

Since when are curvy girls prettier?
Tall boys superior?
The thinner the better?
“A" the desired letter?

Since when is an ember brighter than the sun?
A lump of coal shinier than a diamond?

The twisted standards of today’s society
Are the poisons of our minds
Swarming together in an atmosphere of lies.

Don’t follow the ember
Follow the sunlight.