The End of Bitterness

Pz-avatarby Sigal Levi - Nagavker06 Jan 2021

Your two brown eyes, like two fire balls.
Lighting my spirit and exciting my soul.
The little wrinkles around them when you laugh, my love,
Wrinkles my heart to this little “krembo” ball.
These doe’s lashes that crown your eyes,
Like a lace that crown the hem of a dress.
That is what you are, my queen.

Your soft, tanned skin with the persistent smell of chocolate,
Makes me want to push my head in the wing between your neck and chest.
Hold you tight and loos myself in this perfume of yours my dove,
Breath you inside to my veins,
Do your magic and hill all the pain.
You are the end of the bitterness that was in me,
You are the beginning of the sweetness that the future will bring.