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To my four children

Simply Me

Pz-avatarby Ms.Lisa22 Jul 2014

Change we need
Nation is hunger
Time to feed
nutrient of love
Pain so great
can't see above
Transform minds
skin don't matter
Truth becomes all kinds
Emotion defeat
War so long
Brain is beat
Positive over negative
Like your enemy
Take a place to live
Pride dominate
Nothing else you know
breathe in hate
Listen up
Observe the signs
Things so corrupt
Sensitive ear
Begin the process
the Word to hear
Action to do
wake up
Have you no clue?
Small feet don't know
Wise bones
Explain and show
Encourage all
Great to come
No time to fall
Excusable if you do
Battle still there
until you get through
Know your purpose!
Go after
Refuse to fuss
Right in the heart
Covered up
Refocus and start
Begin to see
the ability
for unity
and liberty
winning the victory
Is just simply me