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Having been diagnosed with laryngeal cancer in late October 2013 and undergoing the subsequent treatment plan of 30 sessions of radiotherapy during the December and January following this, all seemed to be going well – physically and emotionally, my voice was getting stronger, I was once again performing on a regular basis and generally, the world was a good place to be, that is, until February of this year.

I thought I had an ear infection, but I had started to feel as I had pre-diagnosis – lethargic, nauseous, light-headed, cold, incredibly tired and generally unwell. Added to this was the pain that you associate with an infection of the ear.

After eventually getting an appointment with my GP, it was quickly noted that there was no infection, rather than that, there was a mass in my neck.

So on Monday the 10th of June, after having had 3 different sets of biopsies done at 3 different hospitals, my cancer specialist confirmed that I now had “squamous cell carcinoma of the lymph nodes”.

Next Tuesday (16th of June), I shall be going into hospital and having a neck dissection.

I am scheduled to be hospitalised for 5 – 7 days, followed by a week of convalescence in the countryside (if all goes according to plan). If all doesn’t go well, well, we won’t go there … just yet.

If you have faith, please remember me in your prayers.

With the greatest of love and respect … SJ Alexanderson.


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson12 Jun 2015

I remember innocence and warm September rain,
I remember Batman when he was just Bruce Wayne.
I remember spaceships and a man upon the moon,
A busker once in Cardiff playing jazz on his bassoon …
I remember Cuba, the Bay of Pigs an’ all …
I remember Dallas and that verdant, grassy knoll.
I remember Watergate and Martin Luther King,
I remember Alcatraz and the shit hole called Sing Sing.
I remember Kennedy and Nixon with a smile,
Disasters at Chernobyl and also Three Mile Isle.
I remember power cuts, the pain of Thatcher’s rule,
I remember tragedy as a mountain came to school.
I remember convoys in the South Atlantic Seas
And pain that filled a nation’s heart at night on our TVs.
I remember Genesis and God in all His glory,
I remember Dunblane too, but that’s a different story.
I remember how the world stood back as genocide was raged,
I remember Sharon Tate and Manson being caged.
I remember Gandhi – a man of peace par none,
I remember children smile whilst taking up the gun.
I remember hoping that peace it would prevail,
And long forgotten school day walks along a nature trail.
I remember way back when justice seemed quite fair,
I remember times as well when governments showed care.
I remember when the banks served you and not themselves,
I remember Santa Claus with reindeer and with elves.
I remember times of hope when mankind could rejoice
But now with global warming, who’ll take on the people’s voice?
I remember rainbows’ ends and chasing pots of gold,
I remember Captain Kirk so truly going bold.
I remember harvest time with workers in the field
And churches overflowing praising God for all the yield.
I remember being there as all my children came,
I remember standing out and crying in the rain.
I remember being King and putting on my crown
But will the world remember me when cancer takes me down?