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Have you ever contemplated what it must be like to spend Christmas in prison?
I spent 17 months in prison and Christmas was an incredibly painful time.

The Innocence And Guilt Of Christmas.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson05 Nov 2013

It’s Christmas Eve, I’m here in jail,
At home the kids sleep top to tail…
‘Waiting Santa in the morn’ –
Man of Action, dolly corn.
Soapy clean and tucked in tight…
“Be good children, don’t you fight –
Go to sleep now quickly please,
Mummy’s got to dress the trees!”
Footsteps on the landing floor,
In and out the bedroom door,
Looking out upon the night
For Rudolph with his nose so bright!
Sleigh bells ringing o’er the sky –
Mummy plates a lone mince pie,
Daddy cries a salty tear
Locked away another year –
Missing times he can’t replace
Without his loved ones to embrace.
Morning comes and they shout clearly
“Thank you Santa,” up the chimney…
Life “inside” is hard to bear
When those you love they live elsewhere.
Meanwhile, back at home they play
With their toys so new today…
Then talk to me upon the phone
And send their kisses (sweetly blown),
“Be good Daddy, don’t you cry –
Mummy’s here… goodnight, goodbye.”