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Here we have an insight into the grim realities of prison life.

Prison - Don't Do It.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson05 Nov 2013

It’s a dark, dark place where the brotherhood chill…
The lonely, the sad and the mentally ill,
The down and the outs and the plain, plain bad
Where they all miss their loves and the lives that they had.

Cold, cold steel for the cold, cold boys,
Feng shui lives so bereft of joys.
Your friends call around but you’re always alone
Except for your letters or time on the phone.

Existence is ours, but life it is lost,
There are bars on the window that glisten with frost –
The razorwire shines in the cold, winter sun
And you know in your heart that your summer won’t come.

Suicide, self-harm, mind mutilation…
Constant the sorrow and humiliation,
The smile on the outside, the grimace within,
A time to reflect on your personal sin.

It’s queuing for this and it’s queuing for that,
Where violence erupts at the drop of a hat…
Bells run your life – not a clock anymore
‘Cos now you reside in this fucking eyesore.

No game station here, no mobile, no dough,
No life on the brown, no hooch and no blow.
A meagre existence bereft of such pleasure –
Intelligent talk… it is rare, it is treasure.

There’s wheeling and dealing – the market is rife,
And some people carry a blade or a knife…
Death stalks the corridors, stench fills the air –
Who told you that “justice” was proper and fair?

In this land of constant twilight
Where you walk the eggshell floor,
You’re locked up with a killer
Behind a cold, steel door…
You sleep with one eye open
And pray that when you wake
You’re still alive and breathing
And your soul he did not take.

So sing a song of suicide and wish your life away –
Welcome to the ranks of the boys in blue and grey…
Come and join the brotherhood, come here if you dare,
We'll save a special place for you down in our lair.