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This is a true story of an actual event that I witnessed in my final month in prison - quite haunting, even now to recollect it.

Guilty Pleasures.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson05 Nov 2013

They sat there trading stories –
Old lags beside a wall,
Dressed in prison finery –
The young ‘uns sat enthralled.
Two geezers with a tale to tell
That stood the test of time –
Of days when they were young themselves
And of their lives of crime.
They talked of cars and beer and birds,
Their stories much the same…
How life had been so good to them
And how they played the game.
The irony stood tall and proud
As younger men joined in
With stories similar to theirs’
Of happiness and sin.
‘Twas then an ice cream van drove past
The outside of the “nick”
Inviting all its’ customers
To come and take a lick.
Then hush descended on the scene
As they sat there aghast –
Reality sat down as well
With all their chequered pasts.
It dawned on all these likely lads
Just where they had gone wrong,
And all it took that summers’ day –
A simple ice cream song.
Then sadness came down on the yard
As exercise stood still,
And grown men thought of better days
And scrumptious icy chills.
‘Twas in that dark, dark moment
That time ensnared them all
And bared the truth for them to see
Of life behind that wall.
Bravado was just tucked away
As hard men shed a tear,
And prison life returned once more
With all its’ pain and fear.