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Unfortunately statistics show that too many people make the ultimate sacrifice whilst in prison. Quite frankly one person who followed this course of action would be too many.

Duty Of Care.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson05 Nov 2013

It’s 2a.m., my cell mate snores,
Outside the guards rush past the doors…
Jangling down along the Wing –
A buzzer sounds – no dong, no ding.
What’s gone down to cause such haste?
Oh God no, not another waste?
I hope it’s not that lad in two,
The quiet one…the one that’s new.
He rarely mixed and stood alone –
Last night I saw him on the phone
With tears a rolling down his face…
How cruel is this human race?
And now I’m filled with fear and dread
In case he’s gone and lost his head.
See, time “inside” is hard to bear
When those you love they live elsewhere.
The “window warriors” sing their song…
And yes, it is the end of John –
My heart it aches at such a waste
For he who acted in such haste.
That’s 38 this year alone –
Your D.o.C. like them lies prone.
The sentence takes away much more
Than liberty behind that door,
You lose your will, your sense of pride –
Don’t tell me life is fair “inside”.
In truth, our life is just a lease –
And so dear John – please rest in peace…
No more can hurt you in this life,
No-one to burden you with strife –
You did it, though you knelt in fear,
You saw your path and it was clear.
Go quietly now, go on your way,
Go safe on this your final day…
For none can help you, so again
Sleep soundly bro’, sleep well – Amen.