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When you're released from prison, the initial licence period is often more troubling than the sentence itself - please read on to understand this comment ...

Christmas On Licence (A Message To Former Friends).

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson05 Nov 2013

When the bells ring out for Christmas
And you’re locked up in a cell –
And you’re cold and down and lonesome
Sinking slowly in your hell…
Spare a thought for those who've left you
To rejoin the human race,
Who now live in isolation
In a room with little space.
They've no bars upon their windows,
No cold steel to call a door,
They've no friends to turn and talk to,
No footsteps upon their floor.
Little money to exist on
(Not enough to buy the burn),
This is “freedom” as they know it
In their lives of “no concern”.
Days and days and days of silence
Giving too much time to think –
How they miss their friends in prison
As they teeter on the brink.
Mental anguish and frustration,
Torture of their minds and souls –
Understanding Edvards’ painting,
Non-fulfillment of their roles.
Razor-wired cerebellums,
Eggshells o’er their cobbled streets,
As they tiptoe ‘bout their business
And they keep Probation meets.
“Yes Sir. No Sir. Three bags full Sir.
Happy Christmas? Yeah, okay…
Joy for mankind everlasting –
Happy, happy Christmas Day.”
So take time to help each other
To get through the pain and fear
Of a Christmas spent in prison,
And to you a “free” New Year.