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An attempt to write an idyllic love poem ... you decide.

My Perfect Valentine.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Nov 2013

Come lay with me on leafy mound
Where natures’ beauty doth abound,
And bare your soul so I may feast
As daybreak dawns from yonder East.
And sunbeams sparkle through the trees
Whilst symphonies play on the breeze –
And heaven, hell and Mother Earth
Rejoice as one at loves’ true birth.
Cascading rivulets of sweat
Would sit upon our brows (so wet),
Hot blood would flow around our veins
As doubts and fears so softly waned.
The sun would shine on barest flesh
And wind would blow so cool and fresh –
As love was made – pure love sublime
And we both lay as one entwined.
For passion would be king that day
Beside the brook as we did play
The game of life, the game of love –
Watched on by angels up above.
And nature would salute in joy
To see such precious girl and boy
Unite in truth and honesty
Foregoing mediocrity.
To spend such time in act of pleasure
Beneath the clouds that rolled at leisure
Would be so good, would be so fine…
On Valentines’, if you were mine.