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I don't tend to write a lot of love poetry, but here is one of my early attempts, it works for me, what do you think?

A Lovers' Life, A Lovers' Death

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Nov 2013

Pray, if my time were over soon
Please let me be in bed –
The room lit up by candlelight
With love filling my head…

I’d eaten well and drank some wine
And shared a bath for two,
Then spoke of life and love and lust
And lay down next to you.

We’d kiss with passion, love and care
And hold each other tight –
I’d lie there happy with my life
With you there to my right.

Our hands would tingle as we touched
The regions of our love,
Our hearts would pump our life blood ‘round
As you would rise above…

And share with me your body fine –
Perfect in every way,
And I would talk in tongues of lust
And you’d know what to say.

For as I planted my last seed
And kissed your lips afire –
You’d stroke my chest and then I’d feel
A pain so dark and dire…

And in that moment – soul complete,
I’d rise above the bed
And look down on the two of us
And know that I was dead.

“Oh take me, take me Lord,” I’d say,
But none would hear me cry –
For death had come so instantly
I could not say “Goodbye.”

And though the pain and shock would hurt
The ones I’d left behind –
Remember, when death quickly comes
Sometimes it can be kind.

For when your time on Earth is done
And God, he calls your name,
The key to hurt your loved ones less –
Don’t play a waiting game.

So, if I had to choose which way
To end my days and when,
Whilst lying naked next to you
I beg God take me then.