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Completely and utterly true - from start to finish ...

Love - A True Story.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Nov 2013

An incredible evening.
Emotionally charged.
Our futures on the line.
Gift in pocket (initially).
Waiting for the moment –
The right moment
To spring a surprise.
Showed to a table.
Incredible views.
Romance in the air.
Mouthwatering menu.
Tastebud tickling
Promises of things to come.
Knowing smiles
Of a shared love
(Truly shared –
Fifty, fifty).
Moon in the sky
Over serene waters.
Salty air
(With a sprinkling of expectation).
Food lovingly prepared,
Lovingly devoured –
Through waves
Of emotional bliss
And contentment.
Retire to the balcony
To fully appreciate
The wonders of the natural world –
You being one of them.
Champagne moment –
My cue under a starlit sky.
The waitress brought out my love token
On a silver tray
And gave it to you –
Accompanied by my poetic pleas.
You smiled.
You did not need words.
With muted vocal chords
You slid it onto your finger
And I saw your love
Through welling eyes –
Two sets.
Our future was cast…
Cast in stone.
One perfect stone
For one perfect love.
The world stopped spinning,
Time stood still
And everyone made love
In tribute to the two of us.
Shame it didn't last.