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The sad story of broken family.


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Nov 2013

You surround me like a hedge.
A luxuriant, mystical enclosure in full bloom.
You allure me in labyrinthine wonderment
Gently enticing me into your ample bosom –
Tempting me from beneath your mysterious, blackthorn shroud.
Your knot weed arms reach outwards
To massage my hedonistic soul
And you stand proud, wallowing in your glory.
Meantime, all I can do is melt into your delights
Pocketing my vulnerability,
As my individuality flees…with Icarus –
Hot and waxy, melting with heady altitude.

“Play with me darling, play hide and go seek…”
I hide for my life but panic
And in a childish outburst respond –
“No, I won’t play, it’s not fair…
How can I hide when you keep throwing babies at me?”

Now “X” marks the spot you have drawn on the floor.
I see your hammer and feel the pain…
And the blood flows through my toes like a vintage wine –
After all, 1961 was a bloody good year.
You watch me wilt with tears in your eyes,
Then, as the little ones sleep their innocence away
You resurrect me and put me in a box.

Occasionally you take me down off my shelf
And you smile as you play with me –
Cat and mouse…mouse and cat.
But you tire of games and of life knot weed girl –
And I?
I have all the time in the world
To consider the frailties of love
And the weaknesses of the flesh -
For they my friend, are a potent cocktail.