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Just who in this world are the terrorists? We have radicals, extremists, nationalists, individuals, collectives and governments. We may call it different things, but terrorism is terrorism and murder is murder. All life is precious ...

Death Of A Terrorist.

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Nov 2013

They found this man in Pakistan,
He’d hid himself away
From leaders of the Western world
Until that fateful day.
They came to town that darkened night –
They knew he had to die…
No way was he to speak again,
No tears and no goodbye.
He bore no alms when they went in –
He lay there on the bed…
The Navy Seals unleashed their wrath –
Osama Bin Laydead.
They carried him in rotored bird
To oceanic craft
And sampled all his D.N.A.
Then tipped him off the aft.
No grave for him to sleep inside,
No final resting place,
No twinkle in his wicked eye,
No smile upon his face.
They photographed the killing zone
To prove that he was beat –
I've seen it though you never will…
A beard upon a sheet.
And as the West rejoiced to hear
Bin Laden was no more –
A host of faceless terrorists
Made plans to go to war.