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Dedicated to all those on both sides who have suffered as a consequence of what turned out to be an unjust invasion - weapons of mass destruction? Not as it turned out. And the carnage continues today.

"We Won ..."

Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Nov 2013

Just who was he kidding?
The whole world bore witness
To his stupidity.
Enough of a brain
To kill and maim
But not enough to provide a social commentary.
Well fuck off home…
Home to your “civilised” world,
And your “civilised” wife
In your “civilised” neighbourhood.
Sent there to liberate a nation
From a tyrant who would destroy
The “civilised” world
With his weapons of mass destruction
I think not!
“We won!”
Who are we then?
Funny how I never felt like a winner.
Do you feel like a winner?
Or you?
What about you?
The warmongers won.
The arms industry won.
The rapists of natural resources won.
Bush and Blair won…
Or did they?
Decency lost.
Humanity lost.
Doctor Kelly lost –
And his family too.
As did Mr. Joe Iraqi –
He lost so much…
An arm and his sight.
But 61 Iraqis lost more
The following day,
When another suicide bomber
Made a point that you didn't win
And that you must be as stupid as you look
You fucking idiot.
Maybe you should address the U.N. now –
You seem suitably qualified.