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Dedicated to all the brave servicemen and servicewomen deployed around the world in various war zones.


Me_at_lleisiau_2by SJ Alexanderson07 Nov 2013

When life seems all but over
And all around looks lost …
Your memories are fading fast
And turning into dust.
Remember you’re important,
That you are someone’s love …
The miracle of life picked you
From somewhere up above.

And that you have been wounded
Is hard to take I know...
But such is fate on this damned day
My dearest warrior bro’.
For what we do defines us
And what we do is right...
The world would be a poorer place
If we gave up the fight.

So as the battle rages
Think back upon your life
Muse upon your children
And your beautiful, young wife.
Picture how they’ll miss you
And shed a thousand tears...
And what the future holds for them
Within the coming years.

So don’t give up, have courage...
And fight against the dark,
Let a smile develope
For you have made your mark...
And if indeed this is the time
For you to travel on...
Then do so with a soldiers’ heart
Although the timing’s wrong.